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by Damiano, Todd
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Includes index
Topics: Infrared photography, Landscape photography, Landscape photography -- United States, United States
Community Images
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A perpetual collection of retro videogame stickers. As more are collected, more will be added with updates placed below this post. Current file size (uncompressed): 843 MB Format: .jpg, .pdf, .cbz, and .cbr Files in this collection : 98 Apple Computer (Large) Apple Computer (Sheet - 1980) Apple Computer Australia - Education Begins at Home (Book Labels - 1987) Apple Computer Australia - Sticker Collection (1987) Art of Fighting: Maniac Collection (1996) Atari: For Kids (1983) Bob-Omb 1...
Topics: stickers, sticker, games, game, videogame, retro
The Software Capsules Compilation
by Various
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As older software falls out of accessibility, various groups and individuals have created large compilations of wide ranges of titles and works, resulting in often-very-large compilations that are then accessible in bulk. Some are well-maintained catalogs while others are simply mega-size archive files. This collection compiles the compilations into one place.
Community Texts
by Douglas Davis
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In his visionary 1975 study, Davis examines the role of science and technology in artworks from the Renaissance into the future. Davis quotes the Pulsa group describing their 1968 Boston Demonstration in the Boston Public Garden in which computer-programmed streams of light and sound emulated ambient technological noise as "the first work...conceived on a scale and system comparable to the scale and system of today." He illustrates his description with an image of the strobe lights...
Topics: Douglas Davis, Pulsa, the Pulsa Group, Swan Pond, Boston Public Garden, Collaboration, Public...